Student Social Survey 2015 at a Glance

Sozialerhebung 2015 auf einen Blick (German)

Student Social Survey 2015 at a Glance (Short Version English)

Key Messages 2015

Kernaussagen 2015

Main Reports 2015

Band 1: Hochschulzugang und StudienanfängerInnen

Content: development in the number of student beginners, characteristics of student beginner population, university admission, study intention and doubts about study choice, motives for study choice, advice and information prior to studying, time budget, levels of satisfaction and difficulties, housing situation, employment, student grants/ financial support, financial situation.

Band 2: Studierende

Content: development in student numbers, characteristics of student population, family situation and child care, housing situation, time budget, employment, internship experience, health insurance, health impairment, student grants/ financial support, income and expenses, financial difficulties.

Band 3: Tabellenband

Additional Reports 2015

Internationale Mobilität von Studierenden

Internationale Studierende

Situation von Studentinnen

Studienverläufe und Studienzufriedenheit

Studierende im Doktorat

Zur Situation behinderter, chronisch kranker und gesundheitlich beeinträchtigter Studierender

Unterstützungsangebote für Studierende mit Behinderung oder chronischer Erkrankung

Studierende mit Kindern

Questionnaire 2015


Report of the BMWFW 2016

Materialien zur sozialen Lage der Studierenden 2016

Errata: Materialien zur sozialen Lage der Studierenden 2016




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