The following measures have been taken to safeguard the anonymity of the survey participants:

  • Since the invitations are sent out exclusively by the higher education institutions themselves, the names and e-mail addresses of the survey participants remain with the higher education institutions and are not passed on to either the IHS or the BMWFW.
  • Students who wish to be informed about the publication of the survey results are required to actively contact IHS independently of the survey. In this way, the e-mail addresses of such students cannot be linked with the questionnaire.
  • The access codes for the survey are only supplied to the higher education institutions via the internet using an encryption process.
  • IHS has contractually agreed to adhere to all relevant data protection provisions, in particular the Austrian Data Protection Act 2000 (DSG 2000) and the Austrian Telecommunications Act 2003 (TKG 2003).
  • The answers provided in the questionnaire are transmitted in encrypted form (https).
  • The anonymity of the respondents must also be safeguarded in the analysis of the data. Accordingly, IHS will not publish any data on groups which contain fewer than 30 people.